LaserAway 4 Cats

The safest, quickest way to shed your cat completely.

April Fools!

No need to call claw enforcement, no cats (or clinicians!) were harmed in the making of this joke. In fact, we’re paying it forward in honor of our four-legged costars and donating a portion of today’s sales to Kitt Crusaders, a non-profit animal rescue organization serving the Los Angeles area.

Kitt Crusaders logo

Meet The Team

Our clinicians love cats ;)

Nurse Tamika

"I'm more of a dog person..."
– Nurse Tamika

Nurse Chelsea

"Cats are super easy and totally cooperative"
– Nurse Chelsea

Nurse Michelle

"Cats and lasers go together like pickles and peanut butter"
– Nurse Michelle

Nurse Holly

"Totally what I went to nursing school for..."
– Nurse Holly

Nurse Alexa

"After working with TikTok influencers, I can do anything"
– Nurse Alexa